Automatic Packer/Unpacker, EFEM 8” &12’’wafers
Model : AWS3004

Machine Features:

  • 12” wafer Handling
  • 4x Loadport For FOSB/FOUP
  • Capable to handle Jelly Jar , Coin box and FOSB.
  • Detection of Wafer Protrusion from Cassette
  • Wafer Cross Slot Detection  
  • Wafer At Cassette Mapping Graphic
  • Bernoulli end effector wafer handling
  • Advanced 3-axis Robot Assembly
  • Intelligence Wafer Pre-alignment
  • Build in OCR
  • Recipe Wafer Control System
  • Handheld Barcode reader for Lot Tracking
  • Wafer Flipper Assembly
  • Industrial PC Base Software
  • Capable to Customize Handshake with 3rd Party system(Option)

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