Automatic Wafer Sorter
Automatic Wafer Sorter, Model 2200
  • 200mm and 300mm wafer handling
  • Wafer transfer, sorting, split, merge, invert, randomized, compress wafer-lots, packing / unpacking, etc.
  • Wafer Carriers: FOUP / FOSB, SMIF Pod, 8-inch wafer with adapter in FOUP, Coin Stacked Box and custom-made wafer carriers.
  • Wafer carrier identification (RFID tag / barcode label)
  • 13 & 25 slots cassette capability
  • SMART wafer map and wafer cross slot detection
  • Bernoulli thin wafer handling capability
  • User-friendly windows interface
  • Wafer backside / edge inspection
  • SEMI, CE compliant
  • SECS / GEM compliance